Programs and Prices


I have a variety of options for different packages based on your fitness goals.  Got a wedding in 3 months and want to lose those last 5lbs?  No problem!  Do you have a first time marathon goal?  I can get you ready for that.  Read below for the option that would work best for you!

Zooom Training Packages

Sessions can be purchased monthly or bimonthly (minimum 4 sessions)

40 minutes: $40/session


60 minutes: $55/session


All packages include a FREE phone consultation and fitness evaluation as well as a custom program design.  All sessions are online through Zoom and require internet connection.  



With private sessions you will get a highly effective customized program with proven results.  I will use work with whatever equipment you have available to ensure you are getting the best workout!

Group/Buddy Zoom Training

2 people

$25/person/45 min session


3 or more people

$20/person/45 min session

Many studies have shown that you will work harder while working out with a buddy.  Whether it is friendly competition or the extra motivation, having a buddy makes the workout breeze by!  Grab a friend and get in your best shape together!

Do you dream of running a marathon or half marathon?  Do you need a training program specific to your needs and fitness level?  I can design a program for you based on your experience and schedule.  

Half/Full Marathon Coaching

 Functional Strength Training for Runners:

4  Workouts via email:

These are meant to be done on your own, minimal equipment needed



16 Week Custom Training Program tailored to your specific needs based on experience/level/health history. Includes a flexibility plan and one functional strength workout for runners each month as well as continuous guidance throughout your training:

$150/month 3 month minimum